Van Gaal International Man of Misery

It seems that more and more fans are coming out to lambaste Louis Van Gaal and its becoming more apparent that his style of football is not what the Old Trafford faithful want.

With United sitting 2nd on 27 points and currently still in the champions league is there really anything to complain about. After all ‘boring’ football was one of the reason Mourinho left Chelsea the first time around and he ended up coming back and guiding them to the premier league title – despite the plight of this season.

Van Gaal it seems is intent on alienating players, surprise evening training sessions annoying players and wags alike. But is this really an issue how many of the UK’s work force are asked to work overtime or stay late to finish a project and I’m sure they’re not getting the handsome sums the the United crew are demanding these days. So on this one I side with the manager not the players.

In a recent radio article its claimed that a player has said he’s half the player under Van Gaal. Is he such a terrible manager that he can’t see this. Will Rooney ever be the same player under the current management or will a change at the top need to be enforced before messrs Rooney and Depay can show their true potential.

I’m sure his tactics are the main reason that he’s becoming increasingly unpopular and a lot of fans are looking on dejectedly. Its no coincidence that United struggled to get goals playing with little Tempo or desire. Robots don’t create works of art and attacking footballers that are in their own half can’t score – I’m excluding Alonso in that statement of course. It visible in the league table too, united have the lowest goals for (19) in the top 8, but boast the lowest goals against (9). Which speaks volumes about their defensive nature and ‘misarable’ playing style.

The worst bit for me has been the treatment of Victor Valdes who put out a picture on twitter which translates to ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’. How a former Barca keeper of his talents can be left to rot in the reserves is ridicules. Why Newcastle didn’t come in for him on an emergency loan will always baffle me with Krull out long term too.

Victor Valdes

what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

But lets face it did anyone expect different? Players such as Giovanni, Lucio, Ribery and Ibrahimovic have all slated his management at one time or another. The quotes make for some good reading in fact – here are our top 5.

  1. “a pompous a***” Ibrahimovic
  2. “bad man” Ribery
  3. I have no respect for Van Gaal. He’s garbage as a person.” Stoichkov
  4. “Van Gaal hurt me more than anyone else in football.” Lucio
  5. “Van Gaal is the Hitler of the Brazilian players; he is arrogant, proud and has a problem.” Giovanni

So perhaps then its Van Gaals ego that causes these  problems, and it will be down to how the board view the results in terms of league position and competition progress that will determine his future. Have your say on our twitter account @EnhancedFreeBet

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