Rugby Betting Explained

The 2015 Rugby World come has come home and this summer will be dominated by a national sport that is somewhat unknown to the a majority of the British public that devote a large amount of time to other endeavours, such as Football, Olympics and well shopping…

But as England progress, as we hope they will on hope turf, wouldn’t it be good to be able to support them and make a few extra £££’s on the process?

We’re going to assume that you’re new to rugby betting, and have probably never heard of markets such as, Handicaps, Points, Tries and other magical terms that produce more points than a premier league thrashing. So we’ll endeavour here to make it as clear as possible. If at any point it gets to complicated or incomprehensible let us know in the comments below. We are here to help after all.

Rugby Betting

Rugby Betting Explained

Match Betting

This is the simplest form of betting and your will no doubt have tried it. Pick a team you the ink will win, with odds your happy with and place a bet. If they win you win, of they draw or lose then so do you. You can also back the draw or the other team, but we’re in this tutorial backing England to WIN!

Match handicaps

This may well be a new term to novice gamblers, but not one that should worry you. If you understand Golf then you already know what all this means. The bookies will award teams an imaginary Handicap (plus or minus) to even up the chances of both teams winning the bet. Similar odds will then be available for each outcome.

The number of points awarded will depend on the bookmaker’s rating of the team.
The underdog will be given a points advantage (‘plus’ handicap) and the same imaginary points total is also deducted from the favourite (‘minus’ handicap).

Then, the team with the most points after the handicap has been applied (either added to the team with the plus handicap’s score, or deducted from the team with the minus handicap) is the winner of the bet.

Here’s a typical Rugby handicap, that I made up.

England (+10 pts) to beat Italy at 10/11.
Italy (-10 pts) to beat England at 10/11.

For the England handicap bet to win, they must win the match by more than 10 pts.
For the Italy handicap to win, they must either win the match, or lose by 9 pts or less.

Quite simple if your read it a few times…

Total Points

This is a bet on the total amount of points that will be scored in the match. Both teams’ scores will be added up to give you the total points for the game. The bookies will set their marker and you have to decide whether the match will produce over or under that marker.

For example: Odds

Over 36.5 Points 5/6
Under 36.5 Points 5/6
First Scoring Play

Here you have to decide which team is going to score the first points in the game and by what method. The options you will be given are:

Team A Try 5/1 Team B Penalty 13/2
Team A Drop Goal 14/1 Team B Try 11/2
Team B Penalty 7/4 Team B Drop Goal 14/1
Total amount of Tries How many tries will be score in a particular game. This is calculated on the combined score of both teams. This is done is the same way as the Total Points market. A marker is set by the bookies and you then decide if the total score of the game will go under or over that marker.

Double Result

You’re betting on who will be winning at half time and who will be winning at full time.

For example:

Team A – Team A 11/8 Team A – Tie 50/1
Team A – Team B 6/1 Tie – Team A 16/1
Tie – Tie 80/1 Tie – Team B 18/1
Team B – Team A 11/2 Team B – Tie 40/1
Team B – Team B 21/10

First Team to Score

Simple bet on who will be the first team to score in the game.

For example:
Odds Odds
Team A 4/5 Team B 10/11

Last Team to Score
Simple bet on who will be the last team to score in the game.

Winning Margin
This simply put is betting on how many points one team will beat another team by.

Try scorer – First and Last
This is a bet on which individual player will score the first try in the match. This can also be who will score the last try in a match

Race to 10 Points
Which team will be the first team to score 10 points.

Highest Scoring Half
Here you’re betting on which half will produce the most points the first or second half – you can also back the tie.

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