What is in-play betting

In-play betting allows the placing of bets during the course of a match or race and is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK. The main advantage of in-play betting compared to traditional spread betting, where bets are placed before an event starts; is the ability to react to how an event is unfolding.

Once a match or race starts, Bookmakers update their spreads as the action take place in real time. Your main advantage is you have more information. Your making your bets based on facts now, compared to pre-fixture assumptions.

In-play betting also offers greater variety of bets. Take football for example, with in-play betting, your able to bet on first scorer, next corner, first half goals, match goals and much, much more. You may chose to wager on all these or focus on just a few. What’s undeniable is in-play betting offers you a huge choice and great way to make the most of your free bets.

Most sports lend themselves to in-play betting, but Football and Horse Racing enjoy the majority share of the market.


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Back or Lay?

Betting exchanges completely changed the way bets are placed and are particularly prevalent for in-play betting. In the past you were reliant on the odds given by bookmakers, these odds tended to be slightly skewed in the bookies favour. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Exchanges give you the option to Lay as well as Back. Back refers to the traditional role you take, by placing a bet for the odds given. With Lay, you take the role of the bookmaker and set the odds yourself. Take a look at our indepth guide to betting exchanges; if a match isn’t going the way you thought, you now have the option to offset your losses by laying on the outcome.

Things to look out for.

Be decisive – Take a football match for example, if both teams come out hell for leather in the opening minutes, there’s likely to be goals in this match. Same with games that have nil – nil written all over them. Get your bets in fast for the best odds. As more and more people do this, your odds will shorten.

Free in-play bets – If you’ve placed a spread bet on an event, some bookmakers offer free bets in-play for the same fixture. Keep an eye out for these offers, it’s a great, risk free way to either capitalise on a good spread bet or cover the losses on a bad one.

Consider time delays – This is vital when betting with exchanges. Even with live streaming and high speed internet, someone physically at an event is going to have the information before you. Take care when betting on markets like next point.

Terms and Conditions – As with other free bets deposit bonus offers. Only the first bet placed on a specific market/fixture will count towards wagering requirements.



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Live stream

In-play betting and live streaming go hand in hand and many bookmakers now offer free live streaming. Bet365 stream over 20,000 matches and races every year, Betfair offer customers; football, horse racing and more via Live streaming. Most are free, but some matches/races require you to place a nominal bet with the exchange. This is a great way to see live sport and get the most out of those free bets.

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