How Free Bets Work

Bookmakers offer free bets in the hope of enticing customers to create new accounts and increase business. This practice is employed by all the leading bookmakers worldwide. What varies is the type, quantity and value of bets offered as these companies compete for potential new customers. Occasionally free bets will be offered to existing customers to reward loyalty or reactivate accounts that have been unused for an extended period of time.

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Types of free bet

Most of the free bets offered by bookmakers typically fall into the following four categories:

Matched free bets – This is the most common bet offered by bookmakers. On opening an account the customer is required to make a deposit. They then receive a free bet matching that amount. There is typically an upper and lower value to the free bet offered and bookmakers often apply a time limit on when the free bet can be used.

First bet refund – Also commonly referred to as a risk free bet. You deposit a specified amount when opening a new account and then place a bet. If the bet wins you keep the winnings. If however the bet loses, than the bookmaker will refund the amount in the form of a free bet. You are then free to place another bet for the same amount.

Deposit bonus – Bookmakers will credit your account with a bonus amount based on a % of your initial deposit. These promotions typically come with wagering requirements to prevent customers withdrawing funds from their account immediately. Usually customers are required to settle bets of three or more times the value of their qualifying deposit before they are able to withdraw funds.

No deposit free bets – One of the simplest forms of free bet and also the rarest. This generally allows the customer to open an account without making a deposit, although you may still need to supply bank details.. Their account is then credited with the free bet stated and they a free to use it as they wish.

These bets can further be classified as stake returned free bet (SR free bet) and stake not returned free bet (SNR free bet). With a SR free bet the money returned includes the stake money, as a typical bet would. With SNR free bets the stake is not included in any potential winnings. SNR free bets are therefore less rewarding for the customer, but more commonly offered by bookmakers.


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Terms & Conditions

Bookmakers don’t get to be multi million pound businesses by giving away free money easily. It’s important to check these requirements when making your free bets. Some of the most common conditions placed on free bets are as follows.

Minimum odds – Typically bets must be placed on outcomes with odds greater than between 1.50 and 2.00. For multiple bets, one individual outcome must contain odds of this value or greater.

Time limits – Are also common place. Free bets may not be awarded if sufficient time has elapsed between opening an account placing an initial stake. Free bets may also be removed if not used within a certain timeframe.

Single selections in any market/fixture combination – This applies to pre-match and in play betting and is most commonly used for deposit bonus offers. Only the first bet placed on a specific market/fixture will count towards wagering requirements.

Partner friendly – Allows all members of an address to open accounts qualifying for free bets. Some bookmakers restrict offers to one per household.

You can view these terms & conditions by using the review link for all the free bets offered at Reading and Understanding these terms are essential for getting the most out of your free bets.

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